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High Efficiency HVAC Energy Savings Calculator

The form below will help you compute the savings between your present unit and a new more efficient unit. You can also calculate the energy savings between the base 14 SEER and upgrading to a higher efficiency 16, 18, 21, or 23 SEER. Remember, high efficiency can off-set higher initial installation cost by lowering your monthly bills.

*This form is strictly an average and cannot predict your EXACT savings. There are other variables to consider such as usage and construction types. AC Express does NOT guarantee these numbers.

  • Cost per Kilowatt Hour from your electric bill:

  • Average annual operating hours:
  • *this is a average energy cost per kWh
  • * calculated as an average of 8 hours daily usage X 12 months

Old System Specs

  • Old system Tons:
  • Old system BTU:
  • Old system SEER:

New System Specs

  • New system Tons:
  • New system BTU:
  • New system SEER:


  • Old System annual cost of operation:
  • New System annual cost of operation
  • Total annual savings:

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