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Compressor Failure

What is an AC Compressor?

The compressor is a major component of your air conditioning system, usually located within the outdoor condenser unit. Its purpose is to pressurize the refrigerant that is cooling your home in order to prepare it for heat exchange.

Signs of Compressor Failure

There are a few signs that may help you identify if the compressor is the cause of your AC malfunction.

  • Strange sounds coming from your outdoor AC unit can be a huge indicator that something may be wrong with the compressor. It is normal for the outdoor AC condenser unit to operate loudly but if you are hearing grinding or whining noises, there is most likely and issue. Call a professional to inspect it before a complete breakdown.
  • Although there may be several causes for this, if your home isn't staying cool, there might be an issue with your compressor. The only way to find out is to call a technician.
  • If your outside condenser unit is having a hard time turning on, usually shuddering or shaking in its attempt, there may be something wrong with your compressor.

If it feels like your AC is no longer running as efficiently as it used to, there are some things you can do on your own like changing the filter, ensuring that your ducts are clear, and testing your thermostat. However, if you suspect that your compressor is failing, it is best to contact your service technician as soon as you recognize a problem. Remember that when one component is not working as it should, it can have a significant impact on the others and cause them to fail, as well. Prompt service can save you money and and hassle.
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