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We don't often think about our furnaces until they no longer work as they should. If your furnace has given up on you and it's time for a replacement, consider your options before making a blind purchase for your home. It is truly an investment and the choice you make matters in the long run. Furnace size, efficiency, and price are only a few things to consider before you make a decision. Our expert technicians can help you choose the best option for your home.

Types of Furnaces

Single Stage Furnace

Single stage furnaces tend to be the most common because they cost the least to purchase. Unfortunately, they are also the least fuel efficient and can really rack up your energy bills as well as fail to provide optimal comfort. In these furnaces, the gas flame is either on or off. Basically, the furnace waits for the temperature in the house to get cold before it kicks on. Then, the furnace blasts the house with heat until the thermostat reaches the set desired temperature and shuts the system off.

Two-Stage or Dual-Stage Furnace

Unlike the single stage furnace, a dual stage has high and low settings. This allows for a constant stream of warmth without having the system on full blast or waiting to reach an uncomfortable temperature before the system kicks on. Although it costs a bit more than a single-stage, the energy efficiency will pay off with lower energy bills and longer service life of the furnace itself.

Modulating Furnace

Modulating gas furnaces are the most energy efficient furnaces and are rated at 98 percent efficiency. This means that 98 percent of the fuel used to run the system is converted into heat. These are also the highest costing furnaces but show the most postive impact on your energy bills as well as overall comfort in your home. Modulating gas furnaces have a variable flame and variable blower according to demand so they only run at the level necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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